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Rod on safari in Botswana — © Rod McCaslin

Audley Traveller blog

  • Karnak Temple, Luxor

    Rediscovering the joy of travel

    08 Min Read

    We’re back out exploring the world again, and it’s better than ever. Here, our specialists and clients alike share their recent travel experiences and the many ways they found joy along the way, showing that travel can have a lasting impact on your life.

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  • Silver Muse in Sydney Australia

    Bring me that horizon: cruising, three ways

    06 Min Read

    Whether you’re spotting wildlife or venturing into true wilderness, choosing to cruise for part of your trip gives you a chance to see your destination in a new light and reach areas you’d otherwise never see. We share three options to consider for your next voyage.

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  • Giraffe in the Mara

    Just back from Kenya: unpacking our latest finds

    07 Min Read

    Safari specialists Natasha and Abigail have recently returned from a research trip across Kenya. After venturing from the Laikipia Plateau to the plains of the Masai Mara, the Tsavo region to the white-sand beaches of the coast, they share their stand-out experiences and what it’s like to travel now.

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  • Lioness lounging on a kopje in the Serengeti

    A day in the life of a Serengeti safari guide

    05 Min Read

    Experience a day on safari in Tanzania’s Serengeti, as seen through the eyes of Zawadi Dominic, head guide in Dunia Camp’s all-female team. From dawn’s first light to dinner under the stars, Zawadi shows us how she shapes your experience.

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  • The Broadway Bridge and South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon

    5 great experiences in Saskatchewan, Canada

    04 Min Read

    Bison-studded prairies, the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police parade, cattle wrangling on a ranch, or exploring what went on in Moose Jaw’s underground labyrinth… discover five of the best things to see and do in Saskatchewan.

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  • Black bear

    Which British Columbia bear lodge is right for you?

    06 Min Read

    There’s nowhere quite like British Columbia for seeing black, grizzly, and spirit bears in their natural habitat. There’s a variety of dedicated bear lodges to choose from, but which is right for you? We’ve compared four of our favourites to help you decide.

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